September 2013 Birchbox Review

So if you have read my Things I Love Page then you know that I really like Birchbox. I have been subscribing for a while now (there is a wait list sometimes to get a subscription just FYI) but I have really enjoyed the monthly present of fun little cosmetics.

It has gotten me to try a bunch of things that I would never have tried otherwise so here is my Review of the September 2013 BirchBox.

I was really excited because I had looked online to see what other people had gotten. My sister (who also subscribes to Birchbox) had gotten hers and had showed me all her goodies and I pretty much ran home to check my mailbox.

This month’s theme was “Heritage.” By reading the card I honestly didn’t understand the theme. It could be that I’m tired, that it wasn’t clear, or that I flat out didn’t understand it. But it is their “anniversary month” so I think they are thanking the people that helped to make them happen.


These are all my goodies laid out.

So here is my breakdown.

1. amika Blow Up Spray // Full Size Bottle $24


This bottle is a small sample bottle. I tried it the other night. I am a night showerer. Something about going to bed and imaging going to bed in all my days filth every night doesn’t sit well with me. So I applied it liberally as it suggests (spray on damp hair before blow-drying). It says apply from root to tip. It didn’t have any sort of overwhelming smell to it which was nice. It is claims that it will add lift and major shine for the perfect blowout.

My Verdict: I have to say that I am impressed. For someone who sometimes goes to bed with wet hair and finds it incredibly flat in the morning I felt like my hair looked fuller and healthier in the morning. I will have to see how long this bottle lasts me before I go out and purchase the full size.

Purchase it HERE.

2. Dr. Jart+ Premium BB Cream SPF 45+ // Full Size $39


Here is the deal with BB Creams. I use them during the summer and on weekends. Why? Because I am a full coverage girl. For those of you that don’t know BB Creams were developed by people who gave women laser facial and they were searching for something to cover the redness that comes from getting the facials and protect the fresh new skin. That is why they are great for you. This one claims to have a light coverage, antiaging benefits, and mega SPF. Clearly it has good SPF but as someone with redness I look for full coverage which is why this is perfect for knocking around on the weekend. I am always impressed that they send me the correct colors. I tried it and it left me looking a little sickly. I put on some powder and some blush and that fixed it.

My Verdict:  It is a very small tube so it will only last for a few applications. I don’t know if I will ever purchase BB Creams. Maybe I’m just not ready for all those “benefits.”

Purchase it HERE.

3. Dr. Lipp Originial Nipple Balm, for Lips// Full Size $14.50


This stuff was originally made for nursing moms. I actually received 2 small tubes of this which I thought was very exciting. I have naturally dry lips and this weekend was no different. The other night I applied just a little bit before going to bed and then today I used it instead of my normal lipstick. Let me tell you this stuff is amazing. My lips are so smooth and soft!

My Verdict: I will definitely be purchasing a full size. The full size is extremely reasonably priced, so that makes it even better.

Purchase it HERE.

4. Eyeko Black Magic Mascara // Full Size $24


This was the coolest looking mascara I have ever seen. It comes in a tube. Odd right? I actually know this brand because one of the first Birchboxs that I got in the mail had an Eyeko liquid eyeliner that I still have to this day. That is another purchase that I will be making. The brand of Eyeko is already top notch in my book. The claim is that it is water resistant, adds curl, adds volume, and has major staying power. That’s a lot of really big claims. Honestly it succeeded.

My Verdict: I liked this mascara. I think that it wasn’t too thick and the mascara brush seperated my eyelashes. It stayed on well and didn’t give me complete raccoon eyes in the shower. As for the curl and volume I can’t really speak to that. I curly my eyelashes and I have a lot of eyelashes. I would purchase this. I do think that $24 is a little expensive so I might order it online and try to use a coupon code.

Purchase it HERE.

5. Ruffian Nail Lacquer- Hedge Fund // Full Size $10


My sister actually gave me her Ruffian Nail Lacquer because she didn’t like the color. I thought it was fun. Is green the new color? It is a metallic green. It is a fun color. I don’t know how often I will actually wear it.

My Verdict: I like the way the lacquer sits on my nails. It is smooth, applies easy, and the bottle is fun. I would like to see what their other colors look like. It does tend to chip fairly easily (even with multiple coats). I don’t do top coats and I really tough on my nails admittedly.


Purchase it HERE.

Overall Box Rating: 9/10

Why: I really enjoyed all of these products. I don’t think I have ever expressed so much interest in purchasing so many of the products share with me. I like the ruffian nail lacquer and on the birchbox website they have many different colors. I look forward to using my Dr. Lipp balm to keep my lips smooth.

Did you get something different in your birchbox?

To join Birchbox CLICK HERE.

What are your thoughts?

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